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Pet Insurance in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware

Are you a pet owner in the Tri-State area region? We can’t imagine life without our pets and your family likely feels the same way about your furry companions. Your four-legged pals find themselves in family pictures, participate in backyard fun and go on vacation with you. Understandably, you want their warmth and company around for as long as possible.

Keeping Your Pet Healthy

The major challenge to ensuring that this happens is keeping your pet healthy. One in three pets throughout the country and the Tri-State area will experience an injury or illness that wasn’t expected in a year’s time. Veterinary costs continue to rise, increasing by 70% percent in the past five years alone.

Pet owners are often placed in a difficult spot when their pet gets ill or injured. There are other bills and financial obligations that must be met even with a sick or injured pet. Sometimes, nothing can be done to save a pet. Although those situations are sad, it’s even more difficult when you know that your pet could have survived and thrived if it had gotten adequate veterinary services.

The reality is that veterinary expenses can add up quickly. The average family cannot afford to fork out large or even modest sums of money to get their pet healthy again. These instances are heartbreaking for the entire family. It doesn’t have to be that way, though. With the proper medical attention, many pets can heal from an injury or thrive once again after illness.

If you and your family can’t imagine life without your pet, you owe it to yourself to consider purchasing pet insurance. You won’t have to experience a sinking financial and emotional dread when something goes wrong with your pet. The peace of mind that our plans provide are well worth it for many pet owners. All it will take is one health problem with your pet and you’ll know that you made the right decision by getting insurance.

We Can Help

Regardless of your insurance needs, one of our independent insurance agents can assist you as you decide on which insurances would best help you. We love serving the Tri-State area with the best insurance such as home, auto and much more. Feel free to stop by our office to speak with one of our independent insurance agents to inquire more about our pet insurance options. You can also give us a call. We look forward to talking with you!

And as always, you can use our free online quote calculator to figure out what an approximate rate would be for your home and/or auto insurance policy. All other Tri-State area insurances can be calculated in person with an agent.

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