The difference floods and water damage claims

Homeowners who do not understand the important differences between flood insurance and insurance for water damage can find themselves without vital coverage in the event of a claim. If you live in the Lansdale, PA and would like to learn more about the differences between flood damage and water damage reach out to a specialist at  Farrell Insurance Associate Inc.

The most important myth that people need to understand is that flood coverage is NOT automatically covered under a homeowners’ insurance policy, not only is it not covered automatically but in some areas, homeowners will need to purchase flood coverage from the government.

In order to better understand which type of damage you are dealing with, you need to look at the source of the water. In order to be considered flood damage, the water must come from a natural source such as tidal water or mudflow. In addition, the water damage from the flood must impact more than one property.

For water damage, the water will have come from a non-natural source. Water damage sources include things like frozen pipes bursting, overflowing toilets or other appliances such as a washing machine. It can also be caused by natural elements such as a rainstorm or snow melting.

Whether your home is hit by a flood or other water damage it is important to have the right coverage in place. Claims for water damage and floods can be costly and the work needed to repair your home can be intensive. If you are unsure if you are covered for flood or water damage and live in the Lansdale, PA area please reach out to an agent at  Farrell Insurance Associate Inc.