Do You Need More Insurance for a Classic Car?

Everyone knows that you need to have auto insurance in Lansdale, PA but if you own a classic car, you may be wondering if you need even more insurance on your vehicle if it is a classic car. Here at Farrell Insurance Associate Inc. we know that the initial answer is yes but you should also consider classic car insurance. Classic cars are unique and rare and you likely want an additional type of coverage.

While standard auto insurance is a great thing to have for a car that you drive regularly on the road, a classic car needs something different. Most classic car owners do not even drive their cars on the road outside of a few joy rides throughout the year. The car does not tend to be a regular mode of transportation and is, instead, an in investment. Because it is an investment, it needs a different type of insurance that is not structured as much as coverage for auto accidents but structured as insurance for the car as an entity. Classic car insurance is the perfect solution to this problem because it is designed to cover the car whether it is being stored, being sown at a car show, or if you are taking it for a joy ride.

You love your classic car and that means that you should make sure it is covered more than a standard car that you find on the street. If you own a classic car, be sure to reach out to us here at Farrell Insurance Associate Inc. serving Lansdale, PA. We can help you figure out the exact type of overage you need as well as how much you need. Beyond that, we can run you a free quote and find one that is in your budget.