3 Surprising Liabilities to Your Homeowner’s Policy

When you think Home insurance, you’re probably imagining an all-encompassing, magical policy that provides relief in case of an emergency to you, the homeowner. but did you know that some of your possessions might actually be considered liabilities by your insurer?

Your insurance provider in Lansdale, PA cannot cancel your homeowner’s policy without good reason if you’ve already paid. However, the company can opt not to renew your policy when it’s time for you to pay again based on certain factors. Here are 3 surprising liabilities to your home coverage.

1. Certain Dog Breeds

Do you love your pooch?

It turns out your insurance company might not share the love. Though all policies differ in coverage terms, certain dog breeds may not be covered by the provider at all. For instance, if you have a German Shepherd or a Pitbull, the provider may refuse to do business with you altogether.

2. Lackluster Home Maintenance

It goes without saying that homeowners are responsible for regular maintenance. Not everyone has the same standards of upkeep, but providers like Farrell Insurance Associate Inc. expect it to be at least fairly regular.

For instance, you may not mow your lawn every week like clockwork, but you can’t let weeds overrun your yard. You may not deep clean your home religiously, but rotting floors due to disrepair won’t be covered by your insurance.

When you buy a policy, you agree to prevent your home from falling into disrepair. Should your home be abandoned or not maintained, that may be reason enough for an insurer to cancel your policy.

3. Certain Backyard Features

Did you know that some of your kids’ playground equipment may be a liability to your insurance?

For instance, a provider might refuse to cover a trampoline, because it’s a high liability risk. Even unsecured swimming pools can cause your policy to be limited or nonrenewable.

Your liability risk goes up significantly if you don’t have fencing around your property. The provider may argue that anyone can trespass onto your property, injure themselves on your trampoline, and then sue you for liability.

Do you own anything that can put your homeowner’s policy in jeopardy? Contact your agent at Farrell Insurance Associate Inc. to discuss anything that might not be covered by your policy in Lansdale, PA.