3 things you should know about motorcycle insurance

You’re riding along the highway in Lansdale, PA when, out of nowhere, a car swerves into your lane. A spill is inevitable, and now you’re wondering if your insurance policy will cover the event. Here are three things you should know about motorcycle indemnity coverage. Farrell Insurance Associate, Inc. can help you sort through the details of your policy. 

Motorcycle insurance covers more than bikes

You can get a policy for your scooter, moped, ATVs, and more. Some motorcycle indemnity plans even cover non-motorized cruisers. Now how is that for added protection? 

Motorcycle insurance is a necessity, not an option

You do not have the choice to go without motorcycle assurance since, by law, you are responsible for providing proof of financial ability to pay for at-fault accidents. You could find yourself on the receiving end of a serious lawsuit if someone is injured by your negligence on the road and you lack proper coverage to pay for the incident. It is important to keep in mind insurance limits when you purchase a motorcycle insurance plan. You may still be sued if you buy the cheapest policy that does not pay enough to cover the victim’s medical bills and vehicle repairs. 

There is umbrella insurance for motorcyclists

What happens if you are on the receiving end of a policy that does not pay enough to get your bike fixed. Should you go after the driver who was at fault for the accident with court proceedings intended to make him pay more. You could, or you can prepare for such occurrence now with an umbrella policy made for motorcyclists. 

An umbrella policy makes up the difference for the amount of money that your standard policy does not pay. You may find that many Lansdale, PA residents are flocking to these plans because of the added security that they bring to the table. Call Farrell Insurance Associate Inc. today to learn more about motorcycle umbrella insurance and what a standard insurance policy looks like!