Your Classic Car: A Hobby and an Investment

Classic car enthusiasts put a lot of love and care into preserving these beautiful vehicles, but they also invest a fair bit of money as well. If your classic car were to become damaged or stolen, having the proper coverage in place can make a terrible situation a little more bearable. The entire team at Farrell Insurance Associate, Inc. is dedicated to making sure that our clients in the Lansdale, PA area have the comprehensive coverage that is right for their needs, especially those with expensive hobbies such as classic car collecting.

Protect Your Classic Car and Your Monetary Investment

Even if you did not refurbish or restore your classic car, it is likely that you have invested a lot of time and energy into its acquisition and upkeep. Classic cars are a fulfilling hobby and they can also represent a serious monetary investment. It is important to take the time to ensure that you have adequate coverage and protection for your classic car.

Many owners choose to keep these vehicles at a storage location away from their main domicile which may complicate coverage issues in some cases. Our agents can review your classic car policy with you to make certain that all eventualities are protected against and that you have adequate insurance in place, no matter where you choose to keep your classic car. Having adequate coverage can provide replacement parts or replace your vehicle with an agreed upon value set in place for your car.

Farrell Insurance Associate, Inc. is dedicated to serving our clients’ insurance needs in the greater Lansdale, PA area. If you own a classic car and worry that you may not currently have adequate coverage, call or stop by today for a consultation with one of our professional agents.