How Do I Know If I Need Flood Insurance?

The devastation of a flood can destroy your biggest assets including your home. Knowing when you need to protect your home from the effects of flooding can seem confusing when you are presented with conflicting information. The team at Farrell Insurance Associate, Inc., serving Lansdale, PA, can help you assess your property and determine your level of risk. While homeowner’s policies cover many aspects of property damage, they do not cover damages caused by flooding. 

One of the first steps that you can take is to reread the “Natural Hazards” section of your home inspection packet during the purchase. Areas that are designated “Zone A” or “Zone B” are areas that annually experience higher risks for flooding. Next, visit with the staff at Farrell Insurance Associates, Inc. With their extensive experience serving the Lansdale, PA area, they will be able to provide valuable information about whether you need the additional protection of flood insurance.

Another resource is the National Flood Insurance Program.  This FEMA program provides flood insurance for homeowners in participating communities. While not every community participates, the website has important information for homeowners about flood risk and insurance. For instance, it has been demonstrated that only 20% of flood insurance claims come from high-risk areas. 

Other sources of flood damage can come from events such as dam failures, snow melting, and heavy rains. These are emergencies that can occur even in areas with a low risk of flooding. The team at Farrell Insurance Associate, Inc. is ready to help you assess your risk level and get you the coverage you need. Visit our website and give us a call. Protect your assets with the coverage you need from Farrell Insurance Associates, Inc.