Preventing Dog Bites (Even if Fido is Friendly)

From a homeowner’s insurance perspective, owning a dog is one of the riskiest liabilities out there. According to the Centers for Disease Control, approximately 4.5 million people in the United States are bitten by dogs each year. What makes this statistic even scarier is that most of these victims are children and most incidents involve family pets they are familiar with.

For help with the protection of your family, our Farrell Insurance Associates, Inc. team has put together this list of ways for Lansdale, PA homeowners to help prevent dog bites, even if you consider your pet to be friendly.

Understand the Temperament of Your Dog with Guests

For some dogs, the arrival of company means someone extra to give belly rubs, cuddles, and treats. Others see this as a threat to their space and family, which could cause aggression. Understand the temperament of your pet and act accordingly. If an animal acts negatively to new faces, cordon him or her in a crate or special area of the home to prevent incidents.

Educate Children on How to Behave Around a Dog

Many bite incidents that happen between a family pet and a small child occur because the dog took the movements and body language of the child as aggression. Teach your kids from a young age not to pull ears, tails, paws, etc. Also, teach them that they should never to put their face up to the dog’s and keep rough play to a minimum.

Use Warning Signage

If all of the above fails and you do have an aggressive animal, it might be time to put up some warning signs. While this may not ensure that a bite doesn’t happen, it could take a bit of the liability off of you in the event of an incident because visitors were notified before entering your yard.

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