3 Easy Steps to Maintain Your Home’s Water Heater

If you own a home in Lansdale, PA, then you most likely have an electric or gas tank-type water heater that you rely on daily.  Most water heaters are dependable and can last for ten years or more with an annual maintenance plan.  Maintenance can be performed with these 3 easy steps, which can prevent issues that may cause water damage to your home or personal items.  It also can extend the life of the water heater and save you money.

3 Easy Maintenance Steps

  • Check the temperature setting on the dial located on the water heater.  Adjust the temperature between 115 to 120 degrees F will protect the water tank from overheating and will lower your energy bill in the process.
  • Check the temperature and pressure relief valve, which is critical for the safety of your water heater.  Locate the valve on the outside of the tank, lift up on the lever a little and let it snap back into place.  This should cause a gurgling sound because some water will be released into the drainage tube.  If you do not hear anything, then it’s likely the valve is bad and will need to be replaced.
  • Prevent rust and corrosion from the bottom of the tank by draining some water from the valve close to the bottom of the tank, allowing it to refill, wait for things to settle and remove some more to create a mini-flush.  Your water heater will also run more efficient.

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